For many customers it may be the first time they are purchasing a cast iron radiator.  We have compiled a list below of the questions we get asked most often.  Please get in touch if you would like any more information, or visit our showroom for a chat with one of our team.  Most of the staff at Ribble Radiators have first hand experience with the cast iron radiators, having them installed in their own homes and can offer honest friendly advice.

Your radiator order will be made to your exact requirements and lead time will vary depending on your order.

We are extremely proud of our attention to detail, so much so, we offer a full 1 year guarantee on all our products. If you have any questions at all, please contact us on: 01772 794 534

  • Can your radiators be used with microbore pipework?

    Our radiators can be used with microbore pipework all you will need is adapters which your plumber will be able to provide.

  • Are your radiators suitable for my existing central heating system?

    Our radiators can  be fitted straight into a modern central heating system, if the property has microbore pipe work you need an additional adapter which can be bought from plumbers merchants.

  • Can I put the pipework in place ahead of receiving the actual radiators?

    It is best to wait until radiators are delivered before setting pipework in place.

  • Who should install my radiator?

    You should get a qualified plumber or heating engineer to install your radiator, we may be able to recommend somebody in your area so please ask.

  • What are Watts / BTUs and how do I convert them?

    They are the measuring units to that works out the heat output of a radiator.

    You can convert Watts into BTU’s by applying the following:

    BTU’s – Watts – Divide by 3.412

    Watts – BTU’s – Multiply by 3.412

  • How do I calculate what heat output I need from my radiator(s) to heat my room?

    On all our radiators we have a straightforward calculator that will provide you with a rough estimate of the heat requirements for your room. This takes into consideration the following:

    • The type of room – Lounge, Bedroom and Kitchen
    • Dimension of room – Length, Width and Height
    • Additional factors – positioning of the room
    • Window types – Double and Single glazing

  • What are thermostatic valves and what are manual valves and which ones do I need for my radiator?

    Manual valves

    Manual valves provide a constant flow through the radiator and work by reducing or increasing the flow of hot water into the radiator.  With manual valves you are in control of the temperature  as you can turn the heat up or down however you will need to go the valve to do this.

    Thermostatic valves

    They are ideal for maintaining the room temperature as they automatically adjust the heat output from the radiator.

  • What finishes do the radiators come in?

    We offer our radiators in a painted, primed, full polish and highlight polish finish.   We use a variety of high quality metal paints depending on the colour and finish required.  We also offer ‘Little Greene’ paint for an extra £35  per consignment.

  • Reproduction or Reclaimed? Which is best?

    We offer both reproduction & reclaimed Cast Iron Radiators,  the reproduction radiators are styled on the reclaimed radiator and both offer their benefits.

    Reproduction Radiators benefits:

    • Come with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee
    • Can be made to order so you are able to specify the right size and colour to your room/ space requirements.
    • Can work out cheaper, especially if you are looking for an elaborate style of radiator

    Reclaimed Radiators:

    • Built originally using excellent craftsmanship
    • High quality cast iron
    • Reclaimed radiators have provenance, which we keep track of where possible.
    • All radiators can easily be adapted to fit modern heating systems
    • They are better for the environment and we love bringing disused radiators back to life!

  • How does delivery work?

    When booking in a delivery we will arrange a day which is mutually convenient.  Radiators are sent on a pallet, all deliveries are kerbside.  This means the driver will unload the pallet off  the vehicle, onto flat hard-standing ground, it is then the customers responsibility to take the radiator/s into the property. All goods must be checked whilst driver is there.

  • How much does delivery cost and where do you deliver to?

    We offer a nationwide delivery service; price will vary depending on the postcode, if you would like to know more about the delivery charges please contact our office.  International delivery can sometimes be arranged.  Please visit our delivery page for more information.

  • Do you have a radiator showroom?

    Yes, we have a showroom based in Preston (PR14UJ) which always has a great stock of Cast Iron Radiators, in varying styles, sizes and colours.   We are open  Monday to Friday from 8am - 5pm and Saturdays 8am - 3pm

  • How do I choose the right radiator?

    Choosing the right radiator for your room will be based on a number of variables:

    • Heat out-put – what output is needed for your space and how many radiators do you need to achieve this.  You can use our online BTU calculator, or send us your room dimensions and we will be happy to calculate this for you.
    • Style – whether you are choosing a bespoke design or a traditional reclaimed design
    • Size – making sure your radiator will fit in the required space is key.

    Our staff is readily available to help you if you require any further assistance in making the right choice.

  • Do your radiators come with a guarantee?

    Yes.  All of our bespoke radiators come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, the manufacturer’s guarantee will only be valid if installation and maintenance is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

    The reclaimed cast iron radiators also hold a 10 year guarantee, see our terms & conditions for more details.

  • How do I order a Cast Iron Radiator?

    There are many ways in which you can order from Ribble Radiators,

    • Online through our bespoke cast iron radiator section or the radiator to go section.
    • Showroom – you are welcome to visit us here and see our unique collection
    • Email and phone – if you are unsure of anything we are happy to place your order over the phone or you can email your requirements in and we will get back to you.

  • When will my radiator arrive?

    As we stock radiators to go and bespoke radiators the delivery times can vary

    Radiators to go,  can be sent out same working day (if order is received by 12).  We offer next day and 3 day delivery service,  delivery charges will differ depending on which option you choose and on the location it is being delivered to.

    Bespoke Cast Iron Radiators, will usually be ready to dispatch within 2 weeks.

    We are also happy for you to collect your radiator from our showroom .


  • Do I need to order anything other than the radiator?

    Yes you will need to order the following:

    Valves, you will need one pair per radiator.  We do a range of manual & thermostatic valves, available to buy online.

    Wallstays, help secure cast iron radiators to the wall to prevent them being knocked over. They also help prevent pipework from being moved when fitted into your valves to stop leaks. One wallstay per 10 sections of radiator is recommended.

    Sleeve kits,  this is an optional purchase to finish off your cast iron radiator in style by choosing from our range of sleeve kits, also commonly known as pipe shrouds. These metal ‘sleeves’ are a popular accessory, used to conceal copper pipes that connect to your radiator.

  • When do I need to pay for my radiator?

    Full payment will be taken and debited upon placing an order with us, for any queries regarding payment terms, please ring the office on 01772 794534.

  • What types of payment do you accept?

    We are able to accept all major credit and debit cards (except from American Express), you can also make a bank transfer, pay by cheque and we also accept cash if you are placing your order in our office.