The Radiator Restoration Service

We offer a restoration service, where we can refurbish your own reclaimed Cast Iron Radiators.   We can collect radiators from your home and completely transform them within 2-3 weeks.

The Radiator Restoration Service

Restoring a character radiator requires attention to detail; all our reclaimed radiators go through the same process to make sure the final product is one you are more than happy with.

Step 1

Each cast iron radiator, in order to restore it to its former glory, will have its original valves and bushes removed.

Step 2

The radiator is then fully immersed into our chemical dipping tank for a period of time in order to remove all the existing paint and carbon residue from the inside of the Radiator. We use this method as a safer alternative to sand blasting, which can cause damage to cast iron radiators. Once stripped, the radiator is removed from the tank and flushed.

Step 3

The cast iron radiator is now ready to be re-bushed, this is done with new bushes in order to make the radiator compatible with modern pipework.

Step 4

After this point the radiator is now ready to be pressure tested, the radiator is tested at 6 bar pressure to make sure there are no leaks or weaknesses.   Sadly not all radiators pass, if they fail the pressure test they are only suitable for scrap.

Step 5

Once the refurbished radiator passes the pressure test the radiator is then ready to have a chosen finish applied.  If the radiator is to be painted, a high quality anti-corrosive primer is first applied, followed by chosen colour.


We also offer a cast iron radiator restoration service for your own reclaimed radiators.  Please contact the office for more details.  Price varies depending on size and type of radiator and choice of paint.


*Please note: We cannot fix leaking, cracked or damaged radiators. Prices for our restoration service include a painted finish in any colour of your choice. All our restored radiators come with a full 10 year guarantee. Price varies depending on the style of radiator, each job is priced individually. Rough price guide is as follow:

  • Up to 20 sections: £245 (ex.VAT)
  • Over 20 sections: Price on application.