Shorter radiators to fit under windows

Reclaimed wide school radiator

One of our most popular requests from customers is for shorter radiators to fit under windows. Many of our customers have period style homes in which the windows are much larger with much lower down sills requiring shorter radiators.

Whether you require a cast iron radiator to fit under a super short 325mm sill, or a little higher at 610mm we have both and everything in between to suit your requirements.

Some of our shortest cast iron radiators start at 330mm high and include the Traditional Victorian 9 column and Interior favourite, The Duchess 4 column.

Low warehouse radiator

The next size up ranges from 365mm to 460mm.  Within this size range there are many options available. Some of the most sought after include the Victorian 6 column and School range of radiators.

Reclaimed school radiator

Going up to the most common window sill sizes are radiators ranging from 500mm to 610mm.  Again there are lots of radiator styles available in these heights. The decorative and ornate 5 column Turin radiator fits perfectly at 600mm, whilst more simple, yet elegant styles can be used including the Victorian 4 column, and Princess radiators.

Princess cast iron radiator


Whatever your requirements, here at Ribble Radiators we always have a large selection of radiators in stock to meet your size requirements. Our handy Cast Iron radiator builder tool gives you the option to build a range of radiators to meet your exact size requirements in a selection of Heights and widths.  Our BTU calculator can assist you in ensuring you get the correct heat outputs for your room of choice.

Give our friendly sales team a call who are always happy to help assist in finding your perfect radiators.