Carron Victorian 4 column 810mm High 16 sections

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Carron Victorian 4 column 810mm High 16 sections in Primer finish

The Carron Victorian 4 column 810mm High 16 section cast iron radiator was first produced in the USA around 1880 and we’ve resurrected its classic style with a four-column radiator that looks supreme in any home space, particularly contemporary interiors and even more-so when hand burnished. It is instantly recognisable with a flat foot on each leg section that helps to prevent damage to floor coverings in the home by spreading its weight more evenly. The Victorian 4 column is available in five different sizes: 325mm, 460mm, 660mm and 760mm high. As ever, our cast iron radiators are fully customisable for the number of sections you require.

This radiator is supplied in a primer finish and if ordered before 12pm can be delivered next day.

This radiator is ready to be fitted into a modern central heating system.

Measurements: 460mm high; 976mm wide; 140mm deep; 14 sections

This radiator will produce approx 7648 BTUs. If you would like to know how many BTUs are required for a certain space please contact us on the number below or send us an email, and a member of our team will be able to advise. We have various other sizes of wide school radiators in house ready to be refurbished, please contact us with your individual requirements.

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Choose Your Air Vents/Bleed Nipples

You can also choose from a range of free air vents and bleed nipples – also known as bleed valves – to accompany your cast iron radiator. Particularly popular in brass to provide a classy finishing touch, these bleed valves and vents are designed to release any trapped air within the radiator system to keep it functioning at an optimum level – a necessity for every cast iron radiator.

Choose Your Sleeve Kits

Finish off your cast iron radiator in style by choosing from our range of sleeve kits, also commonly known as pipe shrouds. These metal ‘sleeves’ are a popular accessory, used to conceal copper pipes that connect to your radiator. They’re available in a vast array of finishes that suit vintage or contemporary styles including brass, nickel, antique copper and silver to name just a few.

Choose Your Valves

Customise your cast iron radiator by selecting from our range of high quality valves that complement any radiator regardless of size or style. The valves are available in both brass and nickel, and you can choose from manual or thermostatic options. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) control the temperature of a room by regulating the flow of hot water automatically, whilst manual valves need to be adjusted manually to regulate hot water temperature.

Choose Your Wallstays

Choose from a selection of wallstays that help secure cast iron radiators to the wall to prevent them being knocked over. They also help prevent pipework from being moved when fitted into your valves to stop leaks. One wallstay per 10 sections of radiator is recommended. They are produced from original castings and are available in a number of finishes, including brass and nickel.